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If you want to fill the space left by a missing or removed tooth, a dental bridge might be the solution you’ve been looking for. There are several types of dental bridges to choose from:

  • Cantilever bridges are used to replace a tooth that does not have supporting teeth on both sides of the affected area.
  • Maryland bonded bridges include artificial teeth and gums, and are held in place by a metal frame.
  • Traditional bridges are the most common, and literally bridge the gap of an empty tooth space by securing a false tooth using crowns on the teeth on either side.

The procedure requires two visits to our office, and involves first preparing the teeth that will support the bridge. We do this by shaping them to make room for the device and fitting them for crowns. Then, on the next visit, we will affix the dental bridge to the supporting teeth, check fit and color match. Then, you can go ahead and smile!


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